Internet Connection Wizard

Initial Setup
  • Existing Customer - If you are running Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher, click on the link above to setup your web browser, email program, and dial-up connection for GreenNet.
  • New Customer - If you would like to sign up for an Internet account follow the link above and get started.  The following pages will set up your account and configure your computer.
  • Configuring Dial up Networking for Windows NT 4.0
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Q200000003 - How do I get rid of the prompt to logon to my computer when I start it up?
  • Q200000004 - Why doesn’t Dial Up Networking save my password when I connect, or why is the save password box grayed out?
  • Q200000005 - How do I make dial-up networking connect to GreenNet upon opening Internet applications?
  • Q200000011 - When I go to connect, Dial Up Networking is telling me that my modem port is open or already in use? What is this? I'm not using it!
  • Q200000014 - Using NT 4.0, when trying to connect, it gets to verifying username and password, but responds with the error message "Access is denied: check your username and password and please try again".
Additional Information

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