Norton Internet Security 2005 FAQ

Q. Why do I need  Norton Internet Security 2005?

    A. Norton Internet Security 2005 is not necessary on a Dial-up account (But Norton Anti-Virus is recommended). But is recommended on a DSL or any internet connection that is fast enough to open a window to hackers.NIS05 (Norton Internet Security 2005) has a Norton Anti-Virus 2005 in it, and some extras. These extras are Norton™ Personal Firewall, Norton™ Privacy Control, Norton AntiSpam™, and Norton™ Parental Control. Norton™ Personal Firewall is a "wall" it hackers. It also hides your computer from hackers. Norton™ Privacy Control prevents confidential information from being sent out without your knowledge in email, instant messages, Microsoft® Office attachments, and Web forms.  Norton AntiSpam™ filters out unwanted email. (note does not work with GreenNet Web Mail or any other web mail other than Yahoo®) If you use web mail contact us and we have an Anti spam solution starting at 1$/month. Norton™ Parental Control Blocks access to Web sites and newsgroups that you consider unsuitable for your children.