Norton Anti-Virus 2005 FAQ

Q. Why do I need  Norton Anti Virus 2005?

    A. You need a virus program on your computer. If you do not your computer is like an welcome sign to hackers and other people. Some viruses only attack your computer with very little effect to it, but it could be sending information back to the creator of the virus telling information. Anti-Virus can also delete some essential files needed for the operation of your computer.

Q. Why does a virus scan take so long?

    A. The Reason why Norton takes long to run a virus scan and will sometimes make your computer slow is because Norton is scanning everything on your computer and that can be allot of things especially with newer computers. Most new computers do not have to many things on the hard drive and they are fast so you do not notice. Until you start adding media, programs, and software Norton has more to process and slows your computer down. The best way is to set up a scheduled scan at a time when no one is using the computer.