Welcome to GreenNet's PC Security page for Windows


Anti-Virus (A virus is a self-replicating program that spreads by inserting copies of itself into other programs or documents, causing your computer to slow down freeze or have a blue screen error (If you think you have a virus please contact us at GreenNet)
Anti-Spy-ware (Programs that steal information and slow down computer (Highly recommended for online shoppers/e-bayers))
Windows Anti-Spy-ware (Beta)* (for 2k and after no ME)
AD-Aware *
Anti-Spam (Basically junk e-mail, some may contain a virus or spy-ware that may infect your computer! It sent from people you do not know/recognize or comes with an attachment that does not look like a word/picture/movie/etc if you are not sure if the e-mail is junk call us and we usually know if it is a bad file or not)
Basic** (80% (sometimes more) of all Spam e-mail will have {SPAM} next to it (w/false positives)))
Advanced**((Recommended) up to 99.5% w/ active management
Advanced Plus**(Detects Spam up to 98%, without any false positives)

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*= Free

**=Not Free (Call GreenNet for more Details at (978)-363-8898)