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       This is a tutorial on how to receive mail that is being sent to the spam folder that you want to receive. This will show you how to make sure that any emails that are sent to you from a that are not spam are always accepted as a good message. Our spam system can mark it as spam not knowing that you want the message.

    1st Sign In to your mail account ,like you were your getting mail. Look for the tab that says Settings (circled in red below) and click on it.


After you click you will see the window below. Now click on server rules.

Then this window will come up. First you will put the email address of the person you what to receive messages from. Under string, circled in red, is were you will put the address. For example I put (JhonSmith9823@greennet.net) It is also a good idea to put all your friends and family's email addresses on this so they will never be marked as spam. note You can put the email address of any one including people with other email services like Comcast and Yahoo. Make sure that the boxes above string say Header and Contains string(sep...ect