Connectivity: Troubleshooting Guide

  • FreePPP - A popular program to connect.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Q100000009 - How do I change the phone number in FreePPP?
  • Q000999000 - I just bought a brand new 56k modem, but when ever I connect to you guys, I only connect at 33.6
  • Q000999001 - Can I dial into my GreenNet service from another location?
  • Q000999002 - I just got a second phone line installed and it's going to be use for my computer and fax machine. How do I set it up so I can use both off of only one jack?
  • Q000999003 - I would have expected to find a place to change my password to something more reasonable that I could remember.
  • Q000999006 - I can connect, but I canít go to any sites or get any of my email!
  • Q000999007 - How can I get faster download speeds without taking out a second mortgage?
  • Q000999008 - When I go to connect, I hear a little voice coming from my computer that sounds like the operator!
  • Q000999010 - What speed are you?
  • Q000999013 - The server keeps rejecting my username and/or password? What is wrong?
  • Q000999014 - I put in the new phone number to dial up, but it isnít saving, and I have to re-type it every time I connect!!
  • Q000999016 - All my settings are correct and I'm entering in my password correctly and my username is
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