Connectivity: Initial Setup

Internet Connection Wizard

Initial Setup
  • Existing Customer - If you are running Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher, click on the link above to setup your web browser, email program, and dial-up connection for GreenNet.
  • New Customer - If you would like to sign up for an Internet account follow the link above and get started.  The following pages will set up your account and configure your computer.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Q200000003 - How do I get rid of the prompt to logon to my computer when I start it up?
  • Q200000004 - Why doesn’t Dial Up Networking save my password when I connect, or why is the save password box grayed out?
  • Q200000005 - How do I make dial-up networking connect to GreenNet upon opening Internet applications?
  • Q200000011 - When I go to connect, Dial Up Networking is telling me that my modem port is open or already in use? What is this? I'm not using it!
Additional Information

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