Operating System: E-mail Clients
E-Mail: is quite simply, electronically transmitted mail. As opposed to "snail mail," e-mail sends your correspondence instantaneously anywhere in the world. It is the most popular use of the Internet because of the capability to send messages at anytime, to anyone for less money than it would cost to mail a letter or call someone on the phone.

Linked by high speed data connections that create a global network, e-mail lets you compose messages and transmit them in seconds to one or more recipients anywhere in the world. Some of the more popular e-mail programs are Eudora and Pegasus and Hotmail, as well as those provided with your ISP. All you need is an e-mail account.

Please choose an E-Mail Client below.

Outlook Express
Netscape Mail 3.0
Netscape Messenger 4.6

There are other e-mail clients you may use but GreenNet does not support these.